Ingebjørg Bratland, Odd Nordstoga and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra: Christmas


Thursday, December 19, at 18:30


Dovregubben's hall



Ingebjørg Bratland, Odd Nordstoga og Det Norske Kammerorkester: Jul

There will be and Christmas joy when Ingebjørg and Odd bring the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra with them Chamber Orchestra for a magnificent concert in December. Finally, the time has come again for the two songbirds to meet in the music that belongs to this time: The Christmas Song.

Three times before, Odd Nordstoga has taken the chamber orchestra on a Christmas tour, to a fantastic reception everywhere. Perhaps not so strange. With fifteen of the country's of the country's very best string players led by the living legend of Norwegian orchestral music, Terje Tønnesen, it's easy to get carried away. With music ranging from driving music to Odd Nordstoga's new classics, mixed with folk music and the finest the finest Christmas hymns, what's missing?

Ingebjørg Bratland of course! Fifteen years old, she stood in front of a microphone to Odd in Vinje. There she sang a song called "Jul i Svingen". Little did she know how famous this recording would become. Little did she know that many years later, if she sang it in a cultural center anywhere in the country, everyone in the hall would would know it. But Ingebjørg can do more than sing "Jul i Svingen". No one has a a voice like Ingebjørg's, and now it's going to sing Christmas in.

I Ingebjørg and Odd released their second album together last year, "Langt heimafrå", and embarked on a major tour. It was a great success, with over 50,000 delighted audience members from north to south. But now it's all about Christmas. Ingebjørg, Odd and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra will create a Christmas concert as only they can.

Welcome to a unique collaboration. There are nineteen people on stage. The sweetness fantastic musicians, two great artists and the best music. It's going to be... CHRISTMAS!


On the stage:
Odd Nordstoga
Ingebjørg Bratland
Thomas Gallatin: Drums
Bjarne Gustavsen: Piano
The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra
Concertmaster: Terje Tønnesen

Ticket prices:
Ordinary: 715