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PRIVACY STATEMENT IBSENHUSET (updated January 16, 2019)

This privacy policy describes how Ibsenhuset collects and uses personal data.
Ibsenhuset, by the marketing manager, is the data controller for the company's processing of personal data.
The statement contains information you are entitled to when information is collected from our website (section 19 of the Personal Data Act) and general information about how we process personal data (section 18, first paragraph of the Personal Data Act).

Processing of personal data on
The marketing manager and director have day-to-day responsibility for Ibsenhuset's processing of personal data on unless otherwise stated below. It is voluntary for visitors to the website to provide personal data in connection with services, such as receiving newsletters. The basis for processing is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified. Ambio is our supplier for development and maintenance of the website (

Ibsenhuset sends out newsletters 2-4 times per month via email. In order for us to send emails, you must register an email address. Mailchimp is the data processor for the newsletter. The email address is stored in a separate database, is not shared with others and is deleted when you unsubscribe. Your email address and name are not used for anything other than newsletters.

Processing of personal data in our ticketing system; Tix and card processor Dibs by Nets:
Tix is an Icelandic software provider that sells a ticketing system to a large number of concert halls, cultural centers and stages in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.
Your consent given in the newsletter function in Tix is regularly transferred to Mailchimp. Tix stores a cookie so that we can see where a sale comes from.

DIBS offers the largest range of simple and secure online payment solutions in the Nordic region. They started in 1998 and were pioneers - today they are the leading payment provider in the Nordic region, represented in 20 countries with over 15,000 customers and have completed over 2 billion transactions.
DIBS' terms and conditions can be found here:

Web statistics
Ibsenhuset uses Google Analytics to track the number of visits and general user behavior on the website. IP addresses are not stored, IP anonymization is enabled. In Google Analytics, we can see how long the customer visits the site, which pages they visit, demographic information, interests, geography, behavior and technology. All this information is rarely relevant, but we use it to primarily see the number of visits.
We also work with Breakfast ( where they use this information to see user behavior so that we can show relevant ads to those who have visited previously. Collected data is stored for 14 months before being deleted automatically (ref:

Cookies (cookies)
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website. Read and see how cookies work here: uses cookies from the following companies: Google Analytics, Instagram, Facebook, Ambio and tix.

Ibsenhuset uses a so-called Facebook pixel. Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool that measures how effective our Facebook advertising is. It allows us to measure conversions, build our audience and optimize our ad campaigns on Facebook.
We use the pixel to understand what actions our users take after clicking on an ad, allowing us to reach the users who are most important to us. By learning from the behavior of our users on our website, you can streamline communication and messaging in the campaigns we run on Facebook.

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