Ibsenhuset - and miljøfyrtårn

Ibsenhuset AS shall strive for continuous improvement of the internal and external environment.
Our climate and environmental policy covers the company's overall operations, materials and services.
Our managers and employees are responsible for complying with the policy.
Our climate and environmental policy will guide us when we set goals and measures.
Prior to investments or major changes to processes, impact assessments must be carried out to ensure that these do not result in harmful environmental impacts.
We shall comply with relevant regulatory requirements, laws, regulations and local provisions.


Main focus

Ibsenhuset shell:

  • Contribute to strengthening environmental awareness among our stakeholders through information, awareness-raising and inclusion
  • Strive for efficient use of energy and minimum use of consumables
  • Work preventively and actively follow developments and innovation in the environmental area in the cultural sector
  • Focus on a good working environment, with well-being and further development
  • Set annual targets for our environmental work

Some actions and targets that are planned further to achieve our environmental goals:

  • Change to new SD system. Control system for air handling unit. This gives us a better overview of energy use and control of the air handling unit.
  • Solar panels on the roof, to make use of renewable energy.
  • Actively working to reduce our energy use
  • Focus on source separation, reduce residual waste and increase the rate of source separation.


Environmental accounts 2022

The environmental accounts for 2022 show CO2 emissions of 248 tons. Energy accounts for 91.8% of emissions at the building, so there is no doubt that this is where we have the most to gain.
In 2023, we have set ambitious targets for reducing residual waste, energy consumption and sick leave, among other things.

Environmental report 2022 - CLICK HERE


How can you as an audience member contribute?

  • Choose public transport, cycle or go to Ibsenhuset AS if you can.
  • Help us keep the cultural center and the park outside clean and tidy.
  • Sort waste in the waste sorting system that is placed in the public areas.
  • Buy tickets online and use your phone to check your ticket instead of printing it out to avoid paper waste.


What is Miljøfyrtårn?

Miljøfyrtårn is a national certification scheme aimed at the private and public sectors, with particular emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises. The measures are concrete and measurable, and must be profitable for the individual company.
Miljøfyrtårn is a Norwegian public certificate. The scheme is supported and recommended by the Ministry of the Environment The measures must be profitable for the company's finances, for the health of employees, for the company's local environment and for the global environment. The measures are concrete and measurable, adapted to the individual company and industry.

Source: The Foundation Miljøfyrtårn,


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Miljøfyrtårn - tip us

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