Eternally young


Thursday, December 5


Dovregubben's hall




95 min, no break

Evig ung

The smash hit "Evig ung" comes to Ibsenhuset December 5, 2024!
So far, over 60,000 (!) audience members have seen this critically acclaimed laugh bomb of a comedy that has played to full houses at Chat Noir throughout the fall. Now it's finally Skien's turn!

"Evig ung" is a musical comedy full of rock'n'roll, warmth and deadly cheeky humor. Several decades after their heyday as actors, Hege Schøyen, Bjarte Hjelmeland, Henrik Mestad, Mari Maurstad, Paul-Ottar Haga and Gisle Børge Styve have moved into a nursing home. The building previously known as the venerable Ibsenhuset has now been transformed to accommodate the city's aging population.

Here, the elderly actors have settled down to enjoy their old age and reminisce about a time long gone. The monotonous everyday life is only broken when the strict nurse, played by Benedicte Søreng, starts singing songs and patronizing activation measures such as head, shoulder, knee and toe. Because that's what old people like, right?

The group may have long since passed 90, but they refuse to fade away. One day the seniors will have enough. As soon as the nurse turns her back, the inner rebels are awakened by a primal force that has survived since the glory days of the theater. It turns out that the old bodies still have a lot of fight left in them, and they're not as resigned as they seem. Because even though getting old can be tough, you can still feel like a 25-year-old and want to play the leading role in your own life - one last time.

"Eternally Young" is a punchy musical comedy about growing old, packed with deadly cheeky humor and a slant adapted to our time. The audience can look forward to a string of pearls of well-known pop and rock songs from the last 50 years, with appropriate titles such as "Stayin Alive", "Forever Young" and "I Will Survive". Welcome to a distinctive blend of humor, warmth, musical elements and reflection that hits you right in the heart.

The critics praise "Eternally Young" to the skies and call the performance
"this autumn's big winner" Nettavisen
"Performing arts of the kind that will be remembered - for a long time " Nettavisen (dice roll 6)
"Entertainment of the most charming kind" Dagsavisen (dice roll 5)
"Great fun" Aftenposten (dice roll 5)
"Great musical humor " Nettavisen (dice roll 6)

Ticket prices:
Regular: 795
Groups: 760

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