Are Kalvø: Only farmers long for home


Friday, November 15, at 19.00


Dovregubben's hall


from 415,- to 485,-


Duration: 75 min, no intermission

Are Kalvø: Berre bønder lengtar heim

Are Kalvø has been a comedian for many years. He has lived for even more years. And in all these years, there is one conflict that always returns: City versus country.
Such conflicts have created a bad atmosphere for as long as Kalvø has been alive, in various ways, both in Norway and in other countries: Center versus periphery. Elite against people.
The time has come toput these conflicts behind us and instead spend our time solving the big problems in the world.
The timehas come to build bridges between city and country. And finish this, once and for all.

And who is a more natural bridge builder than Are Kalvø? He has one foot in each camp. He grew up in the countryside, he lives in the city. He is a city lover who writes in New Norwegian and speaks in dialect. He can understand and talk to both sides. Maybe even like both sides.

To truly understand what such conflicts are about, Kalvø has spent a month in Europe's largest city, London, a noisy, confusing, self-satisfied and overly large metropolis in the home of elite thinking, and a month in Norway's smallest municipality, Utsira, an island with no mainland connection, with two hundred inhabitants on a good day, and mostly stiff winds.

He has lived with vegans with bicycle helmets and fishermen with thermal suits, he has talked about engines and modern dance, he has lost ferries and hope. But he has made it. And he's done it for us.
Now he's back to tell his story. And to build bridges. And if that doesn't work, to establish once and for all: What is best, city or country?

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