Ibsenhuset has flexible halls and rooms for both large and small gatherings. One of our greatest assets is our genuine foyer areas, suitable for exhibitions and mingling during breaks. Ibsenhuset was completed in 1973, but thanks to its forward-looking and airy architecture, it now appears as a modern building with all the necessary facilities for a good event, with good accessibility and free parking right across the street.

Dovregubben's hall

Telemark's grand hall. With 796 seats, Dovregubben Hall is the largest amphitheater between Oslo and Kristiansand. Ibsenhuset hosts some of its biggest concerts here, but the hall can also be used for a day conference. We can even expand the capacity to 805 if we open the parquet.

Peer Gynt

Our most popular hall by far. Here you can arrange everything from concerts with over 1000 guests to conferences with less than 100 participants. Directly adjacent to the foyer, where food and drinks are served, the Peer Gynt Hall can be used in two directions, with highly professional facilities. It is also an excellent hall for gala dinners, parties and all major occasions. On stage, we can even use Skien as Telemark's most beautiful backdrop.


The mezzanine in the foyer leads to Anitra. With large windows overlooking Ibsenlunden, this room is ideal for smaller concerts and events, but is also a great room for conferences and larger meetings. The room is directly adjacent to the restaurant Henrik & Kompani, with its own toilets. Very nice for a confirmation or a party with work, for example.


A large meeting room with space for 30 people around a meeting table. This room is equipped with a simple Clickshare solution and a projector. A bright, airy, beautiful and dignified room where you can also have up to 50 participants in a cinema setup.


Hedvig, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Peer Gynt Hall, is a perfect parallel hall and also an excellent solution for smaller meetings. Board meetings, annual meetings and the like. Decorated with pictures from concerts at Ibsenhuset, it's easy to get into creative mode in this room. Here you can seat up to 40 people in a theater setup and there is easily room for 20 people around a table.

  Boardroom Horseshoe banquet Classroom Cinema
Dovregubbens Hall         804
Peer Gynt   100 240/500 m Foyer 240 300
Terje Vigen   40 60 60 100
Anitra   40 60 50 60
Helmer 30 30   40 50
Hedvig 20 20   35 40

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