Terms of sale


Tixly is selling tickets on behalf of Ibsenhuset. All questions regarding the event should be directed to Ibsenhuset. The purchase agreement is subject to the legal provisions of Norwegian law. The agreement is binding for both parties only when Tixly has registered and received payment. Tixly and Ibsenhuset are allowed to communicate digitally with the ticket buyer via email, SMS and push notification.


All communication between you and Tixly.no takes place in encrypted form. Your card information is sent directly to the card issuer and Tixly.no does not store any card information.


The ticket gives you access to the event to which the ticket refers, as long as the barcode is valid and readable. Tickets or products that have been canceled are not valid. The ticket cannot be copied or used more than once. The ticket can be transferred to another person, unless it is clearly stated on the website and/or ticket that the ticket is personal. Tickets may not be resold for commercial purposes. Tickets may also not be offered in competitions or in connection with the offer of any other product or service without written permission from Tixly and/or Ibsenhuset. If this provision is violated, Tixly has the right to cancel the tickets. 48 hours before the event, we usually send out an email where you will find a link to your tickets. Remember to download the ticket so that you see that there is a scannable code. Mobile tickets do not need to be exchanged for paper tickets.


If you lose your tickets before the event, please contact Ibsenhuset.


Tixly is not responsible for refunds in connection with canceled events. Please contact Ibsenhuset. Purchased tickets cannot be redeemed or exchanged for another ticket. Please note that a ticket paid directly at the time of booking is considered to be purchased. In the event of a refund, fees will not be refunded. Tixly and Ibsenhuset reserve the right to cancel issued tickets against refunding the ticket price and any fees to the ticket buyer.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of tickets to events.

Cancelled event

You are responsible for checking that the event has not been canceled or rescheduled. An event is considered to be canceled if the event has not taken place at all. Changes to the repertoire, changed dates, partially performed events or similar do not constitute a canceled event.

Ibsenhuset may cancel or interrupt the event/performance as a result of force majeure. Ibsenhuset's and the organizer's liability for the implementation of the event, including the ticket buyer's possible right to a refund and compensation/refund, lapses if the event is wholly or partially affected by a Force Majeure situation before or during the event. Force Majeure means causes beyond Ibsenhuset's and the organizer's control, which the organizer and Ibsenhuset could not reasonably have taken into account or avoided or overcome the consequences of, for example, and not exhaustively: war, riots, terrorism, major disease outbreaks, fire, floods, strikes, weather, national security orders or instructions from national or local authorities.

In the event of Force Majeure situations, Ibsenhuset and the organizer are obliged to notify customers as soon as possible.


All complaints related to the event should be directed to Ibsenhuset. If you are dissatisfied with anything related to your ticket purchase, please contact Tixly at info-no@tixly.com


Tix and Ibsenhuset reserve the right that incorrect information about prices and sold-out events may occur. Tixly reserves the right to change the placement in the same ticket category and to move the reservation to another category against which a price difference will be paid to the customer.

Applicable law

Norwegian law applies to these general terms and conditions.


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