Elysium Circus Theatre: Alice in Wonderland


Sunday, November 24, at 19.00


Dovregubben's hall


from 595,- to 695,-


110 min, incl. break

Elysium Circus Theatre: Alice in Wonderland

For the first time, audiences in Scandinavia can experience the circus show "Alice in Wonderland" from Elysium Circus Theater in Kyiv. Look forward to this show that tells the story of Alice through dance, acrobatics and circus arts.

The show is based on "Alice in Wonderland", Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel, and is staged by the Kyiv circus theater "Elysium". The story follows a young girl named Alice, who accidentally falls down a rabbit hole and enters a fantastic world called Wonderland. In Wonderland, Alice experiences a series of absurd and imaginative events while meeting many strange characters. One by one they appear; the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts and the main character, the brave Alice. The story takes place as a journey through a dream world where logic and reality are often challenged.

Alice must navigate strange situations, mysterious places and encounters with strange creatures as she tries to find her way back to the real world. As in the fairytale, Alice meets Prince Charming in Wonderland, and the heroes must overcome unimaginable obstacles on the road to happiness.

With acrobatic performances, soulful music, 3D visual effects and a circus atmosphere, the beautiful story of Alice is told.

As part of the European tour, 30 artists from the Kyiv circus theater "Elysium" will present "Alice in Wonderland" in a unique multimedia show combining dance, acrobatics and circus arts.

The Scandinavian tour is organized by Kultur For Folket.

The show is suitable for the whole family.

Ticket prices:
Ordinary: 695
Groups (four or more people): 595
Under 16 years: 595