Unfinished Business


Saturday, May 25, at 19.00


Peer Gynt club concert, standing


from 150,- to 250,-


Duration until 22.00

Unfinished Business

The local band Unfinished Business moves in the genres of alternative rock and punk rock and draws inspiration from bands such as Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Radiohead to name a few. Now you can experience them together with the support bands Ash baby and Gudsforlatt.

Unfinished Business consists of experienced and educated musicians, who are also known from other established bands such as Loose Ends, but also as solo artists. The musicians in the group have in turn played everything from small pub stages such as Mariannes, Lundetangen and Kafe K to concert stages such as Parkbiografen, Ibsenhuset, Ælvespeilet, Wrightegaarden and larger festival stages.

Unfinished Business consists of:
Bao Nguyen - Lead vocals, guitar
Lars Aadne Gulliksen - Lead guitar
SindreTofte Giske - bass, vocals
Mikael Blomberg - drums, vocals
Keith Rikard Paredes - keyboard, vocals

Guest vocalist: Xanatis (Marlene Jelmert)

The concert begins with two support bands:

Ash baby: The genres rock, indie, alternative, punk, pop, dream, psychedelic, surf can be used to describe this band consisting of:
Felix Ulstrup - guitars
Justice Poer - bass
Felix Gundersen - drums
Wendy Langballe - drums
Keira /Pheonixx) Screeche-Powell - guitar, vocals

Godforsaken: Deep tones from Lauryna's bass, fast as well as heavy riffs delivered by Birk and Ask's guitars and not least thunderous beats from drummer Adrian. It's all topped off with Birk and Lauryna's vocal splendor. Gudsforlatt are ready for the new spring of metal.

Ticket prices:
Regular: 250
Students: 150
Under 18 years: 150