Skien World: Ritmos Brasileiros feat. Per Olav Kobberstad


Sunday, November 3, at 18:00


Peer Gynt, rows of chairs


from 95,- to 150,-

Skien World: Ritmos Brasileiros feat. Per Olav Kobberstad

Brazil is a large and highly topical country, with both burning rainforests and significant political and social challenges. But Brazil is also the land of rhythms, with a myriad of drums and percussion instruments. Brazil is also the country with the largest carnivals in the world, where ordinary people dress up, take to the streets, sing and dance.

And it is precisely the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with its music, dance and costumes, that is the setting for the concert with the group Ritmos Brasileiros.

Ritmos Brasileiros means Brazilian rhythms and here we are presented with various rhythms and music from the country in South America. We get a light introduction to the different styles and what is characteristic of them. There will be energetic sambas, melancholic choro and bossa novas.

At the front of the stage is Vera Americo from Grupo Zanza, a firework of a singer from Brazil's capital, Brasilia. The line-up includes guest artist Per Olav Kobberstad on seven-string guitar, Brazilian percussion guru Celio de Carvalho, Simen Vangen on drums and percussion and trombonist Kristoffer Kompen.

Ticket price:
Ordinary: 150