Prestestranna Vel Vel Vel by and with Tom Jackie Haugen: New for the forgetful


Saturday, September 28, at 19:00


Peer Gynt



Prestestranna Vel Vel Vel av og med Tom Jackie Haugen: Nytt for glømske

Tom Jackie Haugen invites you to a pleasant and crazy evening where he presents "Nytt for glømske".

"It can be strange to hear things you haven't heard before. So in "Nytt for glømske" it's mostly the same old stuff. With, among other things, rehearsals of songs about former acquaintances such as Gunnar GT, Kjell Smirnoff, Åge, Tallak, Pus, Gudrun Grete, Gunvor Gunda, Gjertrud Gunn, Gunlaug Gerd and Magda ... - as well as any explanations and alleged connections not even the originator thought possible. Inother words, musical storytelling for the right audience - directly from the source!"
(Tom Jackie Haugen)

Ticket prices:
Ordinary: 345