Per Henrik Stenstrøm: How to deal with the idiots at work


Thursday, November 21, at 19.00


Dovregubben's hall


from 410,- to 440,-


90 min

Per Henrik Stenstrøm: Slik takler du idiotene på jobben

Award-winning speaker Per Henrik Stenstrøm now comes with the successful lecture that teaches you how to deal with difficult colleagues. You know the ones who acidify your workplace. Those annoying colleagues who drain you of energy. 

Everyone has at least one idiot in the workplace, but the question is whether it's possible to appreciate a selfish sourpuss? And what type of colleague are you?

This is a lecture on modern motivation theory that creates a better environment at work. About demanding colleagues. The time thief, the meeting nuisance, the wordsmith, the killjoy, the know-it-all and the sunshine. About the conflicts that arise between employees. About frustration and troublesome differences at work.

Ticket prices:
Regular: 440
Groups, 10 people or more: 410