New Jordal Swingers


Wednesday, October 2, 19:30


Dovregubben's hall



New Jordal Swingers

The legendary New Jordal Swinger marks the end of a 50-year long and successful career.

The band made their recording debut in 1974 with the album "Hold On!" which also entered the charts in Denmark and was the start of several decades of record releases and heavy touring, especially in Norway, but also in Denmark.

New Jordal Swingers have long since passed 4000 concerts and half a million records sold. The band has toured across the country and Casino Steel has reportedly stated: "There are outlying areas in Norway that only the King and the New Jordal Swingers have visited!"

During the farewell tour, where the band will perform with a brass section, we will get a cross-section of the New Jordal Swingers repertoire over the years, all interspersed with a solid dose of traditional and classic "Good old rock and roll", a title that also fits nicely into the string of hits.

The band has played several times with rock's most important style creators such as Chuck Berry, Scotty Moore, James Burton and D.J. Fontana, and in 2015 the New Jordal Swingers were inducted into the Rock-A-Billy Hall Of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee.

In Norway, New Jordal Swingers opened Oslo Konserthus, Grieghallen in Bergen and Drammenshallen, and after the band's latest album, Dagsavisen noted that the group is "the only rock group that can still compete with Motorpsycho for the Norwegian record for most studio albums..."

Among the New Jordal Swingers' many original hits, we find titles such as "Railroad Man", "Turn On To The Music", "Helpless girl", "Free And Easy", "Sleeping Beauty", "Before The Light Burns Down", "The Mirror" and "Belfast Cowboy". "Mama's Got The Blues" topped the European charts, "Rock Machine" was voted the all-time Norwegian chart favorite 23 years after its release, and the title track of the hit film "1958" became one of the band's biggest sellers.

In the anniversary year, Christer Falck has asked Eigil Berg to update the catalogue with extra tracks for future releases on Falck Records, and Universal is also planning to update the New Jordal Swingers' hits collection digitally.

New Jordal Swingers, who many have called "an institution in Norwegian music life", are thoroughly profiled in Eigil Berg's critically acclaimed book "In the service of music" from 2023, a book that is already out in its second edition.

After 50 years in a turbulent industry, no one can shake New Jordal Swingers' position as Norway's longest living and continuously active rock'n'roll band, "survivors" in the true sense of the word!

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