Live podcast with Erlend and Steinar


Friday, September 13, at 19.00


Peer Gynt, small table


from 290,- to 350,-


60 min

Livepodcast med Erlend og Steinar

A think tank for people with low intelligence. Exciting thought experiments, dilemmas and scenarios. Erlend Mørch and Steinar Hallert experiment with live podcasts!

Erlend Mørch is one of Norway's most original voices - both in humor and journalism. Many people know him from the NRK podcasts "Radio Mørch" and "Both Erlend and Steinar", or from the comedy show "Erlend and Steinar help you", which was nominated for the Gold Award for Best Host and Innovation of the Year in 2022.

Steinar Hallert is a highly sought-after actor and screenwriter. He is known from the humor series "Sigurd fåkke pult" and "Erlend og Steinar hjelper deg" in addition to the podcast "Both Erlend and Steinar".

Ticket prices:
Regular: 350
Student: 290