Ingvard Wilhelmsen: Boss in his own life


Monday, November 11, 18:30


Dovregubben's hall


from 565,- to 665,-


duration 90 min

Ingvard Wilhelmsen: Sjef i eget liv

With humor, communication skills and a twinkle in his eye, the professor fills the room with wise words and a good dose of common sense. Ingvard Wilhelmsen gives lectures to full houses around the country and is known as one of Norway's very best speakers. Here at Ibsenhuset , he fills the hall time and time again, and we're ready for a wish list.

Ingvard Wilhelmsen talks about how we handle pressure, restructuring, uncertainty and risk. "We can't do anything about most of what happens in life, but we decide how we relate to what happens. Many people spend far too much time on useless thoughts, but we are responsible for the thoughts we act on. Most of our thoughts are just nonsense - thoughts where we worry about things that will never happen in reality. Ingvard challenges how we relate to these thoughts. If anyone should be the boss in your life, it should be yourself!

Take a stand against unnecessary worries and annoying headaches. This will in turn give us more energy to spend on what else life has to offer. There is a lot of luck and many factors that play a role in determining how good life will be, and it pays to spend your energy on what you can actually do something about.

Ingvard Wilhelmsen is professor emeritus at the University of Bergen and a specialist in internal medicine and psychiatry. He has run the renowned Hypochondriac Clinic in Bergen for 24 years and has written several books, including "Livet er et usikkert projekt", "Sjef i eget liv", "Kongen anbefaler" and "Det er ikke mer synd på deg än andre".

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