Henrik Fladseth: Low culture


Friday, September 20, at 19.00


Peer Gynt




75 min, no break

Henrik Fladseth: Lavkultur

Henrik Fladseth is finally ready with his second solo show, "Lavkultur".

"With this text, I, Henrik Fladseth, am trying to get YOU to buy a ticket to my new stand-up show "Lavkultur". Yes, because stand-up is often called low culture. And rightly so, I would say. It's just owning that term.
For me, stand up is a way of living my life. It's a continuous and eternal process. On that stage I don't have to say anything important and it doesn't have to be that clever. It can be, but it's not an absolute requirement. As long as it's funny, it's fine. My show is stand-up in its purest form. Just one man telling jokes and stories.

There will be no main theme, very little so-called common thread, almost exclusively pure bullshit and maybe a sad story told on a stool (but I can't promise anything there).

If this is low culture, I can live with it!
Personally, I think this show is starting to be a lot of fun, do we have a deal?"
(Henrik Fladseth)

By & med: Henrik Fladseth
Text doctor: Hans Magne Skard
Producer: Stian Morten Pettersen

Ticket prices:
Regular: 440