Henning Kvitnes & the guys in the band: While I'm still 66


Thursday, March 6, 2025, at 19:00


Dovregubben's hall



Henning Kvitnes & Gutta i bandet: Mens jeg ennå er 66

"It doesn't take long to go from young and promising to living legend."
Whether this statement can be applied to Henning is uncertain, but after 47 years on the road, and countless albums, tours, concerts and self-written songs, he certainly has a clear midfield role on the Old Boys team of Norwegian song poets.

Many of the songs, such as "Evig eies", "Sånne som oss", "Guttær", "Ut å vekke sola", "Siste Reis" and many others, have become popular among several generations, and are also used at weddings, parties and funerals - and in the shower.
With a new album under his belt, Henning & Gutta will embark on an extensive spring and autumn tour in 2025. Both album and tour have been given the title "Mens jeg ennå er 66" (While I'm still 66), after the song of the same title, which was released in May 2024 - on the day of the start of this "song-soaked" year!

Musically on stage, we meet an artist and a band who dare to go into the depths of both new and older songs. They give the songs the respect and energy they deserve, and also allow the low-key and acoustic to have a necessary place. The lyrics must also be allowed to be in focus to clarify Henning's little universe. To delight and move a seated and listening audience. But there will also be room for rock feet, sing-alongs and courtship, melancholy and smiley faces with sweaty foreheads in perfect harmony.

Henning Kvitnes: Vocals and guitar
Jon-Willy Rydningen: Piano and other keys
Finn Tore Tokle: Bass and choir
Tor Hauge: Drums
EivindYstrøm Petersen: Guitars, pedal steel, choir etc.
Håvar Bendiksen: Guitars and other strings, choir(Mats Raknerud is a substitute for Håvar at some concerts)

Ticket price:
Ordinary: 645