Hellbillies: Searching for happiness


Saturday, February 15, 2025, at 19:00


Dovregubben's hall




90 min, no break

Hellbillies: Leite etter lykka

In 2020, Hellbillies marked their first 30 years with a major anniversary tour, "30 years on the road", where they visited all the major cultural centers in the country. The tour was a tremendous success and sold out everywhere.

Now it's time to follow up the success with a new cultural center tour. It is entitled "Searching for happiness" and starts in October 2024. The idea behind it is the same as last time - to be able to meet their loyal audience and look back on the years that have passed. Perhaps also to take a look ahead by presenting new material, or material that has not been performed on stage for many years.

During their 33 years on the road, Hellbillies have been a steady supplier of gems to the Norwegian song treasure, and they have also earned a status as one of the most vital rock bands of our time. This concert is for a seated and listening audience, and the band is very much looking forward to once again being able to meet their audience in this way.

Ticket prices:
Regular: 650