Halvdan Sivertsen: On a trip up and on tour


Thursday 3 April 2025, at 19.00


Dovregubben's hall



Halvdan Sivertsen: På tur opp og på turné

Note that the concert will be played in 2025

One of the masters of the Norwegian comedy genre, Halvdan Sivertsen, clearly cannot get enough of meeting his large audience. And they can't get enough of him. Now Halvdan invites to new musical meetings in concert and cultural centers all over the country.

With him on the road, Halvdan has his permanent band and crew, which guarantees that his songs get the very best packaging. From the lyrical, beautiful and low-key to fierce and rock backing. With lots of polyphonic singing, and top-shelf sound and light design.

“My band is the A team. Couldn't ask for better musicians. They contribute so much creativity, genre understanding and commitment that I never feel that the concerts become routine. There are big and small musical surprises and nuances at each and every concert, which send smiles between us, and which the audience often takes with them. They register the band's unique joy of playing and respond to it. From time to time I am completely moved," says Halvdan.

Sivertsen's list of immortal songs is long, so there is plenty to enjoy, and the audience will not be disappointed. And Halvdan can report that a band is eager to play and looking forward to it - plenty!

Halvdan Sivertsen: Vocals and guitar
Håvar Langaas Bendiksen: Various guitars and vocals
Terje Nohr: Various guitars and vocals
Trond Viggo Solås: Bass and vocals
Johannes Winter Farstad: Keyboards and vocals
Rune Mathisen: Percussion and vocals

Ordinary: 715