Bjørn Eidsvåg: No way back


Wednesday, November 20, 19:00


Dovregubben's hall



Bjørn Eidsvåg: Ingen vei tilbake

After half a century in the music industry, Bjørn Eidsvåg is an icon in Norwegian music life. He is an active artist who has played around 80 concerts every year in all corners of the country. This March, the much-loved artist turned 70, and this fall he will embark on an anniversary tour entitled "No turning back".

About what the audience can expect at the concerts, Bjørn says:
"No turning back" is the title of my anniversary tour this fall. We'll probably be looking over our shoulders a bit, but our eyes are primarily focused on the future. We want to show that we are relevant both thematically and musically. Some of my songs have been given a new lease of life by younger colleagues' interpretations, and we're going to see if more of them can be given a new lease of life by "refurbishing" them musically. The stories behind some of my most popular songs will be told and you will learn about the motives behind the new ones. I've had a long and eventful career and have been allowed to experience that some of my songs have almost become popular. We will offer them, but as I said, we will first and foremost look to the future."

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