Skien World Barn: Ritmos Brasileiros


Sunday, November 3, at 15.00


Peer Gynt, rows of chairs


from 50,- to 70,-


40 min

Skien World Barn: Ritmos Brasileiros

Ritmos Brasileiros means Brazilian rhythms, and that's exactly what we get at this concert for children (and the whole family). Here we are presented with different rhythms from Brazil and we get acquainted with the various instruments that are typical of Brazilian music.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro with its music, dance and costumes is the setting for the concert with the group Ritmos Brasileiros. Two traditional musicians from Brazil and two
jazz musicians from Norway have joined forces and come together for rhythmic play and movement!

Ritmos Brasileiros have released a children's album "Bacalhau de Lofoten" (GRAPPA) with Norwegian and Brazilian children's songs. At the concert they will perform several songs from this album.

Vera Americo (Brazil) - vocals, percussion
Celio de Carvalho (Brazil) - vocals, percussion.
Kristoffer Kompen (Norway) - vocals, trombone, tuba, percussion
Simen Vangen (Norway) - vocals, drums, percussion

Ticket price:
Regular: 70