Riksteatret: Per Hansen


Wednesday, November 27, 19:00


Dovregubben's hall


from 205,- to 475,-


120 min, no break

Riksteatret: Per Hansen

Is there anyone who can love me?

Per Hansen is an ordinary man. He is married to Valborg and father to Bodil. He runs Hertz car rental at the very local airport. Per Hansen has no secrets. Except the one about Silje Jansen.

With Stig Henrik Hoff and Ida Løken Valkeapää in the roles of Per Hansen and Silje Jansen, Riksteatret wants to show how lonely a person can live, but at the same time how dependent we are on each other. "Per Hansen" is a juicy, humorous, steamy erotic and honest play. It is about adult love, complicated life choices and about enduring this life.

Siri Broch Johansen puts a raw and naked light on the dark landscape inside and around us in a genuine, sore, but also enjoyable way - with a language we have probably not heard before on a Norwegian stage.

You will not leave this play untouched.

On stage
Stig Henrik Hoff and Ida Løken Valkeapää

The team
Director: Hanne Tømta
Stage designer: Hilde Hauan
Costume designer: Nora Furuholmen
Dramaturge: Oda Radoor
Producer: Wenche Viktorsdatter Paulsen

By Siri Broch Johansen / Juho-Sire
Produced by Riksteatret

Ticket prices:
Regular: 475
Honorary / groups of 10 or more: 394
Under 30 years: 200