Skien gingerbread town


Together we will build Skien Gingerbread City - the city that grows from year to year and is on display in the foyer of Ibsenhuset.

Everyone can participate whether you live in Skien or elsewhere, whether you are a private individual, kindergarten, school, company, whether you are 2 or 100 years old - yes, absolutely everyone!

You can build ordinary houses, famous buildings, farms, cars - anything that belongs in a city!

The city opens on Saturday, December 2 at 11.00 and will be in Ibsenhuset's foyer until Christmas.


How do you do it?
Sign up by e-mail to info@
Hand in your completed entry at the reception desk at Ibsenhuset November 28-30
The entry must be placed on a sturdy board or plate
Mark the contribution clearly with: name and phone number. Feel free to also write the name of the building if it is a special building you have made
Please join us at the opening of the city on Saturday, December 2 at 11:00.
If you want your contribution back, it must be picked up at Ibsenhuset during Christmas


An informal competition will be held. All entries will be judged and the "Building of the Year Award" will be awarded.
There will also be honorable mentions in the classes:

Schools, after-school care, kindergartens
Businesses and workplaces
Open class for private individuals

Join us too! Let's create the good Christmas traditions together! 




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