The Norwegian Soulband


Friday, October 4, at 20:00


Peer Gynt, small table




90 min, no break

The Norwegian Soulband

35 years of soul, funk and dry jokes - Ibsenhuset is finally ready for The Norwegian Soulband!

It all started in 1989 with the name SixPack. The band quickly became a household name in the area and they quickly created their very own soul universe.

The journeys soon became longer, the band changed its name to The Norwegian Soulband and is today one of the country's leading soul & funk bands. With a line-up consisting of a tight comp, horn section and soulful vocals, we get the unmistakable The Norwegian Soulband sound. One thing is the music, another is the tremendous joy of playing and the great atmosphere the guys on stage create. The atmosphere quickly spills over to the audience, who are always served a big dose of soul & funk with a high party factor.

With vocalist Kim Rune Hagen, probably the most awesome vocalist we have in Norway right now, the concerts are a pure explosion. The album "Groove Your Hips" from 2021 (vinyl and digital) has received honorable mention and is constantly played on radio in Norway and dedicated soul funk channels in Europe.

The Norwegian Soul band regularly visits major festivals such as Trandal blues festival, Nidaros blues, Notodden blues festival, Nevlunghavn Live, Sildajazz and Rørafestivalen to name a few, as well as club gigs and events.

In the summer and fall of 2024, the band will embark on an anniversary tour and festivals in Skånevik, Nevlunghavn, Notodden and Risør will be visited. There will also be a stop at Herr Nilsen in Oslo and several arenas in Northern Norway will be visited. Anyway, see you on October 4 at Ibsenhuset.

The band consists of:
Kim Rune Hagen: vocals
Tommy Larsen: guitar and vocals
Bjørn Edmund Fosstveit: bass
Per Christian Pedersen: drums
Per Christen Stiansen: piano/organ and choir
TronTaalesen: saxophones and choir
Vidar Torbjørnsen: trumpet/flugelhorn and choir

"It's almost unbelievable, but despite its existence for over 30 years, The Norwegian Soulband has gone under the radar of the booking manager at Nidaros Blues. We're going to rectify that mistake now. Get ready for the heaviest songs from the 60s and tough self-composed songs. It's going to be a soul and funk party at Nidaros this year." (Jan Engen, Nidaros Blues, after hearing the band at Trandal blues festival in -21)

"He was followed by Norwegian Soulband with super vocalist Kim Rune Hagen in the lead. There was more funk than soul during their set, but what a great party band this is at a festival like Nidaros."
(Bluesnews 26.04.2022 Freddy Toresen)

"This was not just a concert ... it was an EXPERIENCE!" (Guest in Notodden church, Notodden blues festival -22.)

Ticket price:
Ordinary: 320