Skiensjazzdrag: Saturday Jazz - Falkum Trio


Saturday, September 14, at 15:00


Peer Gynt, small table




until 17.00

Skiensjazzdraget: Lørdagsjazz – Falkum Trio

This time, Skiensjazzdraget has invited Falkum Trio - the gang behind the concert series "Falkum Jazz" at the venerable Villa Fløyen. The Saturday Jazz concept serves as the band's own musical playground where they can frolic in the rich genre of standard jazz in an intimate and informal setting, accompanied by good food and drink. Perfect for Saturday Jazz!

Falkum Trio's driving force, Tor Egil Braseth on keyboards, is joined by his regular band consisting of Dag Løchen on double bass and Joachim Heibø on drums. In addition, they have invited a secret guest to join the team! The band promises a swinging Saturday jazz where we are served a musical tapas of the best kind, with some piquant rhythms and loose signs along the way.

Organizer: Skiensjazzdraget

Ticket prices:
Ordinary: 200
Members of Skiensjazzdraget: 100