Skiensjazzdraget: Julejazz-Kassen & venner


Thursday, December 12, at 19.00


Peer Gynt, small table



Skiensjazzdraget: Julejazz-Kassen & venner

Welcome to a local all-star line-up led by Ingrid Halle and André Kassen!

This pre-Christmas, Skiensjazzdraget wants to put on a swinging Christmas concert. To put this together, they contacted our beloved "lektor Kassen" - who is the driving force behind the JazzK(l)assen concert series with great success.

Kassen agreed, and assembled a stellar team of local musicians for a swinging Christmas concert. Here we can expect familiar and beloved songs in "Christmassy" garb.

Ingrid Halle brings her enchanting voice and unique ability to communicate, and she is backed by a highly skilled
band with a never-so-small brass section.

Ingrid Halle: vocals
André Kassen: sax
Thomas Johansson: trumpet
Didrik Hogness: keys
Jan Olav Renvåg: bass
Stig Sjøstrøm: drums

Organizer: Skiensjazzdraget

Ticket prices:
Ordinary: 300
Members of Skiensjazzdraget: 200