Skien World: Ævestaden


Friday, November 1, at 20:00


Peer Gynt, small table


from 265,- to 320,-

Skien World: Ævestaden

Ævestaden is long chorales, modern lyrics, pop songs and a sound that is not afraid of the clear, dirty, electronic or traditional. Ævestaden is modern folk music at its very best.

The trio's varying combinations of instruments, including lyre, fiddle, kantele, vocals, mouth harp and electronics, open up a unique soundscape where timeless harmonies and layers of minimalist motifs create an open and atmospheric world. The songs are about the conscious and the subconscious, the mundane and the sacred, and about life and death. The big emotions are portrayed here; everything from an intensive prayer to enter God's kingdom and a wish that someone, sometime, will think of you in the evenings.

Swedish-Norwegian Ævestaden has been heard at By:Larm, Førdefestivalen, VillVillVest, Festspillene i Bergen, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, BLÅ, John Dee and at Midgardsblot. In addition to Norway and Sweden, they have also played in Poland, France, Scotland, England, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. They have played support for Valkyrien and Sara Parkman on several occasions. Recently also for Ingrid Olava.

"Little mirror on the wall there, what's hottest in Norway here? The answer is, strangely enough, you might say, among other things, Norwegian traditional music in a modern guise." (Dagbladet)

"A sparse, stripped-down sound world that moves towards an almost reduced simplicity, bordering on a naivism with restarts and repetitions." (Magnus Östnäs, Lira Music Magazine)

"Not pop or jazz. Just modern, good and exciting folk music." (Arild Rønsen, PULS)

Kenneth Lien: kravik lyre, mouth harp, vocals
Levina Storåkern: cow horn, fiddle, kantele, vocals, electronics
EirVatn Strøm: vocals, kravik lyre, electronics

Ticket price:
Ordinary: 320