Saturday children and Skiensjazzdraget: Klangbein


Saturday, November 9, at 14:00




from 50,- to 70,-

Lørdagsbarn og Skiensjazzdraget: Klangbein

Klangbein takes the audience on a musical, emotional and not least funny journey through moods and everyday situations that children can easily recognize. Misunderstandings arise as the communication between the two fails and the atmosphere intensifies. Is the friendship strong enough to prevail in the end?

Klangbein is one of Norway's most performed concert performances for children, and is about two good friends. Musicians Ole Jørn Myklebust on trumpet and Morten Barrikmo on clarinet use music and mimicry in a playful and accurate way.

Since its inception in 2005, Klangbein has been performed over 2,000 times in six different countries. The performance engages children and focuses on communication, friendship, empathy and music's ability to support and express emotions.
Ole Jørn Myklebust is best known for his long collaboration with Mari Boine, Jonas Fjeld and Unni Wilhelmsen, as well as his own solo albums and projects.
Morten Barrikmo plays in projects such as BOA, Ellen Sofie Hovland, BAROLO and Per Zanussi Ensemble. He has played in countless theater productions, and participated in well-established ensembles such as Oslo Sinfonietta and BIT20 Ensemble.

Organizer: Skiensjazzdraget

Ticket prices:
Ordinary: 70