Linda Eide: Fosse for dumskallar


Saturday, September 21, at 19:00


Dovregubben's hall


from 245,- to 350,-

Linda Eide: Fosse for dumskallar

Linda Eide and Sjur Hjeltnes welcome you to something as rare as a bright and light Fosse performance. "Fosse for dumskallar" is stories, analyses and anecdotes about the greatest phenomenon ever to come out of Hardanger; the world's first Nobel Prize winner with New Norwegian as his main language!

Who is he, what does he write, how does he write, and what really happened when the man who was never supposed to write for the theater became a world-famous playwright overnight?
What is his relationship to commas, comas and driving? And last but not least: Is Jon Fosse as damned inaccessible as people make him out to be?

This is the fool's ticket to the Fosse kingdom, and advanced readers can pick up some useful credits.

Linda explains: "Fosse for Dummies was commissioned by The Norwegian Theatre for the 2021 Fosse Festival. It has been really fun to perform this before the Nobel Prize, and it's no less fun now. People are definitely hungry for more knowledge and facts about the Jon Fosse phenomenon.

Text and performance: Linda Eide
Musical and verbal accompaniment: Sjur Hjeltnes

Ticket price:
Regular: 350

Linda Eide has worked as a journalist and presenter in NRK radio and television for over three decades. She has received a number of awards for her communication. Eide also writes books and theater productions, and performs what she writes. Since 2017, she has fronted the program "Eides språksjov" (Eide's language fun), and turned language learning into Saturday entertainment on NRK1.