Friday, September 13, at 20:00


Peer Gynt, small table


from 250,- to 350,-


75 min


Hearing Ledfoot in concert is a pure display of love for the music. The dynamics are great, the twists and turns are many and it's easy to get carried away when this man becomes one with his guitar and gives everything on stage. Look forward to seeing one of Norway's toughest live artists on stage.

Tim "Ledfoot" Scott McConnell is a world-class singer-songwriter! His character is like a Johnny Cash in black clothes, with silver-white hair and a face that says he's been out on a winter's night before. This is the man who wrote one of the few songs that Bruce Springsteen himself has made his own through his cover version of "High Hopes". He's also the man behind much of the original music for the TV series "Exit".

With his dark and intense voice accompanied by a 12-string guitar with porcelain slide, steel finger picks, his own rhythm through a stomp box and some light percussion beats, we can guarantee you a concert experience of the rare!
With his heartfelt songwriting, Ledfoot reaches deep into your soul, as when he describes the weaknesses of humanity - painfully, beautifully and brutally honest.

You will definitely recognize yourself in Ledfoot's, or Tim Scott McConnell's songs and his way through the darkness: He is simply a master of this naked musical landscape!

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Regular: 350