Kristian Valen: Vessel Valen


Saturday, November 23, at 19:00


Dovregubben's hall




75 min, no break

Kristian Valen: Fartøy Valen

"Roll the dice 6"
"The comeback of all time"
"The parody master is back! - Magical self-irony!"
"Hilarious from start to finish"

This is just some of what the country's press has written about Kristian Valen's comeback show - which has already been seen by over 190,000 audience members!

Twenty years ago, one of the most popular Norwegian comedians of all time had his big breakthrough with his critically acclaimed show "Fartøy Valen". Now after five TV successes/seasons and over 20 years on stage, Valen has managed to pass the 1.2 million tickets sold mark, making him undoubtedly Norway's best-selling comedian.

Here we present Kristian Valen's versions of news and press reports - it can be worse than you think! In familiar style, the Siddisen will do new parodies and imitations of both Norwegian and foreign artists, celebrities and politicians. Valen spares no one - not even himself. He sings and tells honestly and playfully about his own flaws as only he can.

One of both the audience's and the press's favorite numbers is where Valen uses Snapchat directly on stage. And the government's ministerial scandals? Has Kristian forgotten, for example, Anniken Huitfeldt? Or will we hear Jens Stoltenberg speak English as only Jens Stoltenberg can? And will Valen have caught up with any of our local talking heads?

Look forward to it!

Join Kristian Valen's wild voyage as his "Vessel Valen 2.0" sails on, loaded with everything you thought you knew about Valen and his characters.

Ticket prices:
Ordinary: 595