Christmas party with Blunck, Reidun and Nagell


Friday, November 29, at 19.00


Dovregubben's hall




90 min

Julefest med Blunck, Reidun og Nagell

It's time for a Christmas party, and we're talking a real Christmas party!
Øivind Blunck, Reidun Sæther and Trond Nagell-Dahl have a bag full of entertainment when they head out into the kingdom to get people in the Christmas spirit in good time before the ribs go into the oven.
As always when this trio is in action, there's everything from roars of laughter to magnificent musical goosebump moments. And Fridtjof has been spotted speeding from Enebakk on a blood-trimmed moped. He definitely won't want to miss this.

The two very promising musical artists and choristers Ane Marit Hølås and Emilie Hedblom will also be there, so you can look forward to it.
The sleigh is packed and ready, so all you have to do is turn up, sit back and enjoy an evening with some of the country's foremost entertainers.

Øivind Blunck. The man with the big voice and amazing comic talent is one of our most beloved artists. It began gently with "Klabb and Babb" on children's TV, before it became musicals, films, TV series, revues, farces and theater. Whether as Fridtjof from Enebakk or the innkeeper in "Les Misérables", Blunck captivates the audience with his superb acting.

Reidun Sæther has both participated in the Grand Prix and played in the big musicals, and in prime time she shone in NRK's "Stjernekamp". For a number of years, Reidun has also sparkled in a duo with Øivind Blunck, showing off her wide range to audiences all over Norway. Her own solo shows have also received rave reviews.

Trond Nagell-Dahl. Popularly known simply as "Tangent 007", and famous for his impressive mane of hair. Chances are he's accompanied your taco dinner, because for a quarter of a century Nagell has sat at the piano in "Beat for Beat". Between recordings, he has also managed to play with several of the country's most prominent artists - both on stage and on record. And not least, he has been on tour with Blunck several times, much to the delight of both Blunck and the audience.

Ane Marit Hølås is a trained musical artist and has been in "The Voice" and participated in several musicals, including "We Will Rock You" and "Grease".

Emilie Hedblom is a trained musical artist and has worked with shows both at home and abroad and has participated in musicals such as "House of Rock", "Come alive" and "Tropical Nights".

Ticket price:
Ordinary: 680