Ingebrigt Steen Jensen: About living a life with Alzheimer's


Wednesday, September 18, at 19:00


Dovregubben's hall


from 275,- to 375,-

Ingebrigt Steen Jensen: Om å leve et liv med Alzheimer

Ingebrigt Steen Jensen suffers from Alzheimer's disease and comes here with a gripping lecture. There will also be beautiful singing from the local dementia choirs "Optimisten" and "Sitt ned og syng".

Ingebrigt Steen Jensen is the advertising industry's great ace, bestselling author and football enthusiast. His advertising campaigns are described as some of the most successful in the history of Norwegian communications. Then he got Alzheimer's disease, and his life was turned upside down. And then he wrote the frank and honest book "Før jeg forsvinner" (Before I disappear)

For many, Alzheimer's is still a disease of shame. The one we don't talk about - not even at the funeral. But we have nothing to be ashamed of, says Ingebrigt. "We haven't smoked, drunk or lain on the sofa more than anyone else. Before I Disappear is Ingebrigt Steen Jensen's own story about living with Alzheimer's.

A powerful story about a life that suddenly changed with the challenges but also the opportunities it brought.

"Ingebrigt Steen Jensen has impressed me often and a lot. Yet never more than now. By opening up to everything and everyone about his Alzheimer's disease, writing this book and thus giving many others hope and insight into a life despite the diagnosis, is nothing less than his masterpiece." (Tor Hammerø in Nettavisen. Terningkast 6)

There will be a warm and close conversation on stage between Ingebrigt and his publisher Kjetil Kristoffersen.

The event also features performances from the local dementia choirs "Optimisten" and "Sitt ned og syng". Both choirs aim to increase the joy of life and give participants valuable moments. Interaction with singing, music and fellowship creates golden moments for the participants. There will also be golden moments when the choristers now share the song with us, the audience.

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Ordinary: 375